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June 10, 2014


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We agree that the money to fund the scholarly communication ecosystem should not come solely from academic libraries. We also agree that a “third party” entity is needed to help ensure all participants in the publishing enterprise “play nicely” in ways that often do not happen now. (Jenica Rogers was particularly articulate at last year’s Charleston Conference on the current but unnecessary power imbalance between publishers and librarians: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vy0Kv4eqeg.) We believe, however, that technology has affected much more than merely the mechanism of content distribution and that it is support of the entire research infrastructure that needs to be rethought, not just some aspects of it. That is what we are proposing in our white paper “A Scalable and Sustainable Approach to Open Access Publishing and Archiving for Humanities and Social Sciences” (http://knconsultants.org/toward-a-sustainable-approach-to-open-access-publishing-and-archiving/). We suggest in that piece that all institutions of higher education in essence establish their own funding agency for the purpose of providing a continuous flow of monies to support and sustain an open system of scholarly communication through collaborations among institutions, libraries, societies, university presses, and others.

Like you, we are optimistic that collaborations among librarians, scholarly societies, university presses, and scholarly publishers are possible and will result in a level field on which all can play fairly.

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