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December 23, 2010


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Well, I would argue that what you are identifying is a symptom, not a cause. Those ostensibly gendered behaviors you're observing probably do happen, but they don't spontaneously happen in a vacuum, or necessarily result from ways in which men and women just naturally *are.* There's a whole load of conditioning and reinforcement that happened before your friend turned up and minimized her potato achievement. If many women systematically undervalue their efforts and contributions, it's worth looking at all of the ways in which women might be being rewarded/not-punished for doing so - or otherwise given the message that appropriate behavior for a woman means not standing out, not being too over-accomplished - all along.


I totally agree Rachel, and I attempted to get at the same point with the phrase "deep in the bone." There is no doubt a great deal of conditioning here. Whether symptom or cause or both, Sandberg's talk gave me a chance to document something I have observed for years.

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