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December 13, 2009


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April Siese

I would simply leave this comment as conveying my sense of amusement towards your internal monolgue but I must remember this isn't fiction.

I challenge you to go to a bar, talk to the first person you see there (regardless of gender) & write a dialogue, instead. Even if the experience is the most uncomfortable thing you've felt in quite a long while, I'm sure it will at least prove entertaining & give you some more small talk/bar experience.

Think of it in D&D terms. You have -3 Bar Presence & would like to raise it to a respectable number. What then?

Eh, I'm rambling. & regardless of how little you speak to it, maybe you & The Mission just aren't compatible. Try to make it work for experiential joy at least :)

Linda Socha

April.....Right on
Aunt Linda
Marcus.....Right on~
I can so relate to this one from
days of being single!
Aunt Linda


As I told you the other day, this brilliant piece belongs at mcsweeneys.net

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