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August 29, 2008


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When I saw the two of them together, I thought I was living in the 70s.

T Scott

That was my first reaction, but on reflection I don't think it's pandering to the hardcore Clinton supporters -- it's pandering to the far right wing of his party. He needs them a lot more than he needs a few Clintonistas that are still feeling burned. Certainly the fact that she's a woman is a plus (from the campaign's standpoint), but it is her far-right social views that put her over the top.


I don't think he's going to pick up Hillary voters--they'll be annoyed that he picked some young upstart over someone who's been putting in her time in the trenches. But he may pick up some GenX women, who tend (sorry to say) to be more conservative, and who will look at her--a working mom--and see someone like themselves.


Well, she just lost the librarian vote--check 4 paragraphs down into the quoted text:

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