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July 06, 2008


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What a fun weekend in the city! =)

I doubt you can go more than one day in New York without seeing the U.S. flag because many (or all?) subyway cars have a piece of U.S. flag sticker displayed on the outside. They're kind of small though.


Good point about the flags on the subway cars! But those feel more like a "formality" than a declaration of patriotism.

See you soon!


I enjoyed reading this, Marcus. You have a keen eye, and it's cool to see what you pick up on. Living in Indy the last year, I sometimes think that patriotism is just too private, subtle and diverse a belief system for anyone to express collectively and publicly. I do tend to believe much of the hype about the United States; it certainly thrives on providing opportunities (if not always much access), in a way that many countries do not. But I don't like wearing a flag anything because I'm always wary that someone will interpret my patriotism as their own. Maybe that says something about my own lack of faith in my fellow citizens, or my elitism--that their patriotism would somehow be different from my own. Fortunately, I'm moving to San Francisco soon, where my patriotism will probably be more garden variety than I want to admit. For that (among many other reasons) I will miss living in the Midwest! :)

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