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May 09, 2008


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T Scott

Marcus -- my thanks to both of you. I've had a bit of a rocky morning (personnel stuff to deal with), and this really lightened my load.



You write excellent blog, but this entry in particular stood out for me. You chronicle some nice, powerful moments from your youth, with a good humorous touch, and the entrance of Helen onto the scene feels like you found a good spiritual mentor when you needed it most :)

Thanks for writing this,



Small world, I don't remember for what reason I linked Mark Funk's Blog and ended to your Blog and the Bubbly Atheist column. First let me congratulate you for the Blog that you've created, you are a great writer, then accept my best wishes for Helen and you. I don't believe in luck but I believe that there is a reason for anything that happens for us. Reading about your solid background and belief and meeting and falling in love with someone opposite to what you've known since your childhood! I think God is kind to Helen and you have a mission to do. It's very simple, sometimes we aren't able to see what is exist. Can we see the Oxygen that we are breathing, but if we lack the Oxygen we won't be able to live? It's obvious that we aren't able to see and hear this "Power" so simple but we have to build the strength within ourselves at least to see the signs and hear the messages that he is sending everyday and every moments to each one of us. I happen to come across with a series of writings By Dr. Bahram Elahi that makes sense for anyone with any religious belief and would like to suggest.
Foundations of Natural Spirituality: A Scientific Approach to the Nature of the Spiritual Self (Paperback)

Medicine of the Soul : Foundations of Natural Spirituality

Spirituality Is a Science: Foundations of Natural Spirituality

In his books he has a scientific approach to spirituality which makes sense.

Best wishes for both of you,



I appreciate this blog. You could always tell me anything. I am referring to the part about family. Our family certainly has a religious background; however, much more liberal than most. Talk soon!



Martin J. Brennan

Marcus, I had no idea you were in the Campus Crusade for Christ - I always had a special corner of contempt in my mushy agnostic heart set aside for those types. But if they can actually evolve into people like Marcus Banks - well, maybe there is a God.

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