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April 04, 2008


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Hi Marcus, Thanks for weighing in on this. I think the point to take home for me is M. Kraft's observations (Failure to Connect) about our work with researchers/clinicians:

"There are countless examples of how librarians can help researchers and doctors save time, money, and lives, yet there are also countless examples of researchers and doctors who have wasted time (at best) or lives (at worst) because they failed to ask for help from a librarian. Clearly Anna's rant just further illustrates how librarians from well funded institutional libraries can even miss people. I don't know how we fix the system, but we need to look at ways to do that."

There's lots to be said about what does this say about researchers like Anna and what does this say about PubMed, but a better point for us to ask what does this say about us.


Have you tried "CureHunter.com"? We have a new relational approach to mapping and searching Pubmed. We focused on finding the best treatment options for diseases, but you can search for any molecular compound.

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