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December 25, 2006


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As an atheist I prefer saying and being greeted with "Merry Christmas." Christmas is a day in December when everyone gets a day off work and makes hot chocolate at home (or, in our case, buys it from Starbucks). We all celebrate Christmas in our own way, religious or not. "Merry Christmas" is simply another way to say "Happy December 25th."

These days "Happy Holidays" is what we're supposed to say instead of "Merry Christmas" because we don't want to exclude/offend non-Christians. Well, guess what, "Happy Holidays" is offensive to me because we all know that these "holidays" include Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas, but where is the appropriation for me the atheist and my co-worker the Buddhist and my neighbor the Hindu?

By recognizing that "Merry Christmas" is no longer a greeting exclusive to Christians, we can eliminate the awkward "Happy Holidays" and enjoy our hot chocolate in peace.

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