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August 23, 2006


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What a great trip! From the description, I almost feel as though I was there.

I will start treating you humanely, Marcus: only Hebrew from now on.

T Scott

Great descriptions, Marcus! When Lynn and I were in Brazil last fall, we spent all of our time in Salvador (about 350 miles or so south of Recife along the coast) and the immediate area and had a wonderful time, but I look forward to getting to some of the other cities one day. We found the same level of friendliness and openness that you describe -- in particular a tour guide that took us out one day. Every time I leave the US, I come back a little more humbled by the experience of being drenched in other cultures and other ways of experiencing the world.



That sounds great!!

I too will humanely continue to speak to you even if you do not understand a word I am saying. :)


The reason we made friends so easily with the Chilean family was that where they were located was not somewhere ever visited by tourists, so we were kind of a novelty. The old man thought it was crazy that we were there, because it wasn't a particularly safe neighborhood. The reason New Yorkers don't treat tourists with such openness is that there are tourists everywhere and they walk oh-so-slowly!

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