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March 20, 2005


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March 20,2005

With their recent losses in races for the White House, Congress, and even governorships, Democrats are struggling to find a chink in the armor of the Republican party. A weakness to exploit. While Hillary Clinton is making inroads to Conservatives and John Kerry is vowing for another run in 2008, it's not enough. Democrats are seeking something they can exploit. Something they can use to say "Here! See?! THIS is why you should vote for us!" Their message, I feel, has been lost over the years as the extreme leftists have taken control of the party. The moderate Democrats are nowhere to be found.

As a moderate conservative, I've been watching for that weakness myself. Republicans have been riding high since the Bush victory and cheering on their Commander-In-Chief as he spent that "political capital" that he bragged so much about having. Democrats, meanwhile, have been quiet. Biding their time. Looking for a mistake. Watching for a weakness.

Now's their chance.

A critical mistake have been made by the Republican party, both of which stand to alienate the GOP from their more moderate base, among whom I count myself a member.

Terri Schiavo. In an unprecedented move, GOP leaders have moved to involve the Congress in the fight over whether this woman should live or die. They have nullified 13 Court rulings, both at the state and national level, to interject their own views on how things should be handled. They have crossed the historic line between legislature and judicial. While some of the more conservative elements will view this as a heroic attempt to save a young girl's life, many, myself included, view this as an abuse of power and an extension of Congressional authority far beyond its scope of influence. In a blatant power grab worthy of Clinton-era Democrats, Republicans have attacked the very soul of their party by attempting to extend the power of the Federal government into the hospice room of a comatose girl.

Also at question is the motive behind such a move. One need look no further than the 2006 elections. In an effort to get in touch with the Conservative Christian element of the party, Republicans are doing anything and everything they can to show their stripes. It may be successful, it may not. But the price is too high. They have committed the same mistake that has alienated Democrats from the voters-cast off the philosophical history of their party to embrace the radical, extreme faction that commands so much influence. Much like the Democrats embracing left-wing radicalism (and losing elections for it), Republicans are embracing the Bible-thumping nutjobs that can only cause the same result.

The Democrats are simply letting it happen. They're giving the Republicans just enough rope to hang themselves. It won't surprise me if Congressional power returns to the Democrats' side in 2006-and Republicans will have no one to blame but themselves.

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