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January 27, 2005


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right on!

Theodroa Bakker

Several of my friends and I were discussing this last week (one friend has an 8 year old). And something occured to me:
Let's not forget...it's a sponge.

And aren't most sponges hermaphrodites anyway? of course, those are the living sponges in the ocean, not the ones shaped like a kitchen sponge.


If only we can keep our President and his base occupied with this compelling, central issue for the next four years. Indeed, who does live in a pineapple under the sea?


Oh, you may laugh. But, I was a heterosexual with a girlfriend and a long lasting commited relationship until Spongebob made me gay. It's those underpants.


The problem with this story, and its predecessor (Tinky-Winky wears purple, you know) is that it sounds like a parody. Surely it's from The Onion, not the Post or Times? When you realize it's for real, it's still hard to take seriously.


In support of Theodora's comment:

Someone shares her sense of humor

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